Hey guys! My name is Jenna, and I’m proudly owned by 6 piggies (you can read about all my little furballs below!) I’ve owned and loved guinea pigs since I was 10 years old. I’ve adopted, fostered, and volunteered with all kinds of guinea pigs and love learning everything there is to know about these little potatoes.

Training guinea pigs is also a huge passion of mine, and that’s how this website originally started. I love to teach people how to train their guinea pigs to do tricks and strengthen their bond in a fun and positive way. I post videos of all this on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram, all under Amazing Animal Tricks.

All the content on this website is created and written by me based on my experience with my own piggies and things I’ve learned from other guinea pig owners. While I love sharing the things I’ve learned about guinea pigs, I cannot give medical advice as I’m not a vet.

I write about many other topics regarding guinea pigs on this site, so feel free to browse all the information on training, care, feeding, and more! I hope you enjoy browsing the site and learning a thing or two about these lovable little animals. 🙂

Meet The Guinea Pigs!

My chill and happy boy. 💕


D.O.B: Approx. November 2016
Date Brought Home: December 11, 2017
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Potato Man, Chunky Monkey, pretty much anything else that has to do with being a chunky boy 😄
Favorite Treats: Everything edible (and sometimes unedible too)
Favorite Tricks: Stand up (and be cute – the best trick ever!)
Number of Tricks Learned: 50+

TJ is an insanely sweet piggy and so full of confidence and character! He’s incredibly intelligent but also blissfully oblivious. He’s quite a clown and always has to put his own spin on things. You can always count on him for a good blooper! He’s also a little Houdini pig, and he will always find a way to get through any cage or fence that isn’t immaculately secured and double clipped. He was adopted from a local animal shelter and is now bonded with his girlfriend Willow, a spayed female.

Pretty Willow scouting out dandelions.


D.O.B: Approx. March 2020
Date Brought Home: March 23, 2021
Age: 1.5 years old
Gender: Female (Spayed)
Nicknames: Willow Wisp
Favorite Treats: Carrots
Favorite Tricks: Jump up on my lap (She also likes to try to stand up higher than TJ 😆)
Number of Tricks Learned: Just a few currently!

Willow was adopted from a local animal shelter at around a year old. She was a lab guinea pig for the first year of her life and then was put up for adoption after that. Willow is so curious and full of energy! She didn’t really know how to eat veggies when I first brought her home, but TJ taught her that pretty quick. 😉 Now, she’s a huge foodie, and she has learned to love interacting with people and learning tricks.

Just leave the room for 5 minutes mom…. I won’t eat it all, I promise!


D.O.B: Approx. April 2019
Date Brought Home: May 12, 2019
Age: 2.5 years old
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Peachfuzz, Fluffball, Princess Peach, Divagirl
Favorite Treats: Lettuce…. But only the greenest parts
Favorite Tricks: Anything other than running and jumping
Number of Tricks Learned: About 20

Peach is my diva girl…. Pretty and she knows it. 😉 She’s a tiny bit dramatic, but she’s also adorable and so sweet. She’s a big, soft, fluffy piggy who loves to be pet. She’s not big on active things but can be persuaded with food. Peach is best friends with Daisy.

Daisy is the sweetest girl. 💗


D.O.B: Unknown, Est September 2018
Date Brought Home: September 3, 2020
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Princess Daisy, Daisy Girl
Favorite Treats: Most things…. It’s hard to pick one favorite…
Favorite Tricks: Anything other than running and jumping
Number of Tricks Learned: About 20

Daisy is super sweet and a super chill girl. She loves her food, and likes to be pet and told how pretty she is. Daisy is bonded with Peach. She was adopted from her previous owner who could no longer care for her. She has bounced around to a couple of homes, so her age is somewhat of a mystery, but she was supposed to be around 2 years old when I got her.

How did you get in there, Poppy??? 🤣


D.O.B: Approx March 2019
Date Brought Home: September 12, 2020
Age: 2.5 years old
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Puffball
Favorite Treats: She’s a lettuce monster. 😉
Favorite Tricks: Jumps, hoops, similar tricks
Number of Tricks Learned: About 20

Poppy is a sassy white Abyssinian girl. She is always active, curious, and loves to run around and learn tricks. She is a typical Aby. Super smart and full of personality, but also a little bossy. 😆 She’s a fun piggy to have around with her cute antics and naughty personality. She was adopted from her previous owner who could no longer care for her. Poppy’s best friend is Pansy.

Such a cutie! 💗


D.O.B: Late August 2021
Date Brought Home: October 12, 2021
Age: 3 Months
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Little Puff
Favorite Treats: Trying out a bit of everything… Lettuce is a current favorite
Favorite Tricks: Go through a hoop
Number of Tricks Learned: 5

Pansy is a cute girl who is bonded with Poppy. She is a little zoomie ball of energy. Pansy has a very sweet and inquisitive personality. She is a little foodie and loves learning tricks and putting her front paws up on my leg to beg for treats. She was adopted from her previous owner who was allergic to her.

I also have some piggies that have sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge. Forever loved and never forgotten… You can read more about these guys on the In Memory page.