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The End of an Era

Lately I’ve been feeling tired.

So tired.

That feeling that started in my legs seems to have spread over my whole body now. I sleep a lot, because that’s the only time the feeling truly goes away.

The human comes and pets me all the time. I don’t feel like protesting, so I just close my eyes and enjoy the gentle strokes across my head.

The last week or so has been the most tiring time I could ever imagine. The human keeps coming in and trying to squirt some stuff in my mouth. Says it is “food.” Well, I know what real food is, and let me tell you, it doesn’t taste like that.

Admittedly I’ve been too tired to eat real food lately. It’s not that I don’t try, but chewing is so exhausting… Sometimes I start to eat, and then end up falling asleep before I can even finish it.

Dreaming is more peaceful than being awake now. I dream of running and playing, because I can’t do that when I’m awake anymore. I also dream of eating real food, not the green gunk that the human insists on putting in my mouth.

I love my human, but being awake is so hard…. I feel torn between her and the happy feeling I have when I am dreaming.

One day I fell into a deep sleep. Deeper than usual. I could feel my human nearby, but for some reason, I couldn’t wake up. The tired feeling washed over me even more.

When I woke up, I felt so much better! The feeling was gone! That feeling that was clouding over me for 2 years was actually gone. I got up effortlessly, running over to the human like I always do.

Then I noticed she was crying.

She didn’t look at me when I climbed on her leg. She was looking at another guinea pig. One that looked just like me, I think. Was it me? It couldn’t be, I was right here!

She was saying my name and looking at that other guinea pig. Calling him a good boy. Suddenly I realized that she thought that was me. I tried to get her attention, but she was so wrapped up in the other guinea pig. She looked so sad.

She has looked so sad for a couple weeks now, but I was too tired to make her smile. If only she could look at me now! I could show off all the things I can do again and make her so happy! She couldn’t seem to see me at all anymore. It was like I was invisible.

Suddenly, I noticed another guinea pig. It was Ceico! I haven’t seen Ceico in a whole year! Mom said he had to go away for awhile. She started giving me a lot of cuddles after that.

I touched noses with Ceico as he walked up to me. I noticed Ceico was running now too! Ceico was slow for most of the 5 years that I knew him. Did he struggle with the same feeling as me?

He wanted me to follow him. But how can I leave my mom when she is so sad? She is so confused. I mean, she still thinks I am trapped inside that other guinea pig!

Ceico told me that’s how humans grieve, and that there is nothing I can do to help. He told me I can come back and visit, but the human won’t be able to see us anymore.

He said that our new home is amazing, and has lots of grass to eat and play in! The only bad part, he says, is that the humans can’t come with us. But we can always see them and watch over them.

With that, I finally agreed to go with Ceico. I ran back to the human one last time and climbed up on her leg to say goodbye. I hope the human knows that I am okay now. And I hope that soon, my human is okay too.

❤️ Ace: May 2015 – August 12, 2021 ❤️

The Feeling….

Lately my body has been feeling weird. Like every time I try to stand up or jump onto the human’s legs there’s this odd feeling that comes with it. A sharp aching feeling trying to pull me the opposite way.

It makes me feel so conflicted, because I love to jump and stand up to beg for food. The human seems to know about this feeling somehow, because she always discourages me from trying to stand up or jump on things. Normally, I would do it anyway, but this time I don’t really want to argue.

The feeling also comes sometimes when I first wake up. It doesn’t like mornings too much. I try to ignore it, but it gets really annoying sometimes. Mom made me this foam thingy for my cage and said it would help.

At first, I was kinda annoyed that it took up most of my sleeping space. I mean, doesn’t mom know that I like to sleep on hard surfaces? Mom told me it’s almost winter again and I need to stop sleeping on the bare floor. Who’s she to say where I can and can’t sleep?

Shortly after the foam thing arrived in my cage, she started covering every inch of the floor with blankets. Can you believe that? She also moved my water bottle into my hay box so I can’t even sleep under my leaky bottle anymore.

She’s got some nerve, I’ll tell you. I tried kicking the blankets away, but that got tiring pretty fast. She kept putting them back, and for some reason, I seem to get tired faster than she does now.

So eventually I just fell asleep on them. Oddly enough, I actually slept…. good. (Don’t ever tell mom that though!) The blankets are actually quite snuggly and well…. warm. It was a little bit nice. But just a tiny, little bit.

After that, I decided to sleep on the foam thing, because, well it’s taking up half my cage anyway. And I guess it wasn’t entirely terrible. Mom even put a blanket on top of the foam thing, with my house on top of that! That was far too tempting to ignore.

Normally, I would find that way too warm, but mom’s a little bit right about the “winter” thing. It is getting kinda cold in our room. I don’t remember it being this cold in the years before, but maybe it has something to do with the feeling I’ve been getting the rest of the time.

I can’t help but wonder if this was how Ceico felt all those years. He never wanted to play with me, and he always liked snuggling up in those blankets the human gave us. Now I’m starting to act like Ceico too! And I don’t even know why.

It’s not like I overly enjoy sleeping or cuddling in things (or staying still). There’s just this new fuzzy feeling I get when I do them. It beats the aching feeling I get when I bounce around, even though that used to be a lot of fun.

The human also made me this little ramp to get into my hay box. It’s a little annoying because it sits right in the middle of my walkway. However, I discovered that if I actually use it, it takes away the aching feeling I get every time I jump into my hay box. I wonder if the human knew that would happen.

The human says I’ve been in her heart for 5 years. She seems kind of sad about that, and also happy. I wonder what that means.


A couple months ago, mom showed me this weird looking thing. Of course the first thing I did was try to eat it. Hmm…. didn’t taste as good as I thought it would. It was sorta soft, but pretty tasteless and hard to chew. Mom didn’t seem to want me to chew it anyway. Not like that usually stops me, but I think she was probably right this time. Maybe some things just aren’t any good for eating.

Anyway, just when I was arriving at the conclusion that this thing was pretty boring and pointless, mom brought out the treats! This soft flimsy thing must have something to do with a new trick! I proceeded to turn my attention back to the thing she was calling a “bandana.”

I picked it up a bunch of times and even threw it with all my power! But nothing resulted in any treats. Apparently I was right. This thing was pointless. I can’t even use it to get treats from the human.

Then mom held a treat on the other side of the fabric thing. I tried my best to reach the lettuce without touching the bandana, but that was proving pretty much impossible. After inspecting it from all angles, I decided I would just dive in and grab the treat.

That worked pretty well for a few times. However, after a few treats, mom slipped the bandana all the way around my neck while I was busy eating! The nerve!

It felt pretty strange, but she kept feeding me treats, so I figured it wasn’t so bad. After a minute or so, I even kinda forgot about it. Then I tried to walk with it on, and boy that was weird!

At that point, I tried to shake it off, which only made it shift over to my chest. I couldn’t figure out how to walk with this thing on! After that, mom gave me some more treats and took it off.

A few days later, she put another one on! Great.

However, this one also came with lots of treats, and mom kept saying what a good boy I am and how handsome I looked. And I do like being told I’m a good boy….

Anyway, now mom seems to have a new bandana for me every week! I can’t say I’m thrilled about that, but I seem to notice them less every time she puts them on. But if she starts skimping on the lettuce, then we’re going to have a problem!

Lately she also started bringing the camera out and taking pictures of me! I’ve always liked the camera. Every time it comes out, I get to do tricks and get lots and lots of treats!

This is pretty similar, except I get treats for staying still instead of bouncing around and doing my usual stuff. To be honest, I think staying still is harder sometimes!

I have quite a collection of bandanas now. Mom says I’m a very photogenic boy. I’m not sure what that means, but she also says I’m “so cute” and “such a good boy” and I know what both of those mean! Usually that I’m getting lots of treats!

She also says the word “handsome” a lot when I’m wearing them. I’m not sure what that means either, but she always sounds happy and gives me lots of food while she’s saying it, so that must be a good thing too!

I don’t really mind these neck thingies too much anymore…. Well most of the time. I think mom might be starting to take this bandana thing too far though. Do you know what she did the other day?

She put THIS on me. Yes. A pink cupcake bandana. I think I’m going to have to put my paw down soon. No amount of lettuce is going to make up for this. She even put the picture up on Facebook! She’s going to get some pretty unimpressed glares in her pictures from now on if she keeps this up.

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!

‘Til next time,


Painting Update: Part 2

You may have read part 1 of my painting experience, where I learned what a paintbrush was, and what *not* to do with it. After some brief hesitation, the human decided to let me try again from where we left off.

Well, not quite where we left off. She seemed slightly hesitant to put that colorful smelly stuff back on the paintbrush this time. So for awhile we just practiced picking up the plain old paintbrush without anything on it. Pretty boring stuff.

When the human finally decided to give me another chance with the funny smelling substance she called “paint,” she covered a big part of the floor with newspaper first. Plus, fenced off all the areas in the room that weren’t covered with paper.

What a way to spoil all my fun, right? Now I couldn’t even sneak off and take the paintbrush to my den for further inspection!

Turns out, I learned that meeting the human halfway with some things can work out after all. While running off with the paintbrush was pretty fun, I realized pretty quickly that painting is actually more fun when I stay near the paper thing that was sitting beside me.

This “canvas” object was the key to a lot of treats! Every time the paintbrush hit that canvas, the human seemed to get really excited and hand out a ton of food. Most of my tricks take more effort than this, but throwing the brush towards the canvas and getting a treat for it is pretty easy.

Of course, I still had to find a way to put my own spin on it, so I started hitting the paintbrush against that canvas full force, pulling the brush up and down. The human laughed at that and gave me even more treats! I guess painting might not be as boring as I thought it was.

A little progress after my day 1 attempt at painting again.
A couple colors later…. Big progress!

From there, we progressed pretty quickly. The human used a new color on the tip of the paintbrush every day, and the canvas started to look more and more like a rainbow! A week or so later, the canvas looked just like the picture below.

The human said I did so well with my new trick, and that I’m just as great of an artist as Ceico now! (But between you and me, I know my painting is way better than Ceico’s!)

​Painting was a pretty fun trick, but I think I might take a bit of a break from my artistic side for now, and leave the painting to Ceico. After all, I like to think of myself as more of a sporty pig. 😉

And I think the human might need a break from my painting trick too. I forgot to mention, in my enthusiasm, I might have painted a few things other than the canvas….. It’s all for the best though, as I still have so many new tricks up my sleeve to show everyone!

Maybe I will be like Ceico, and take up painting more once I get older and retire from learning too many new tricks. Although “retire” kind of sounds like “tired” which I don’t think I’ll be anytime soon!

Proudly standing beside my very first painting!

Thanks for reading my latest adventure, and be sure to follow my Facebook page, Amazing Animal Tricks to catch all my new tricks as I learn them!

P.S. The pictures below are a comparison of my first painting with Ceico’s very first painting. Mom says they are both equally beautiful, but we all know mine is totally better, am I right?

My first painting.
Ceico’s first painting.

Ace’s Twin Guinea Pig Friend!

The human has given me a lot of toys over the last couple years, but I have to admit….

This new one she brought home is eerily different.

When the human first showed me this thing, I sort of thought it might be another guinea pig that I could purr at! Ceico can be kind of boring sometimes. I mean, he just wants to sleep all the time! And he’s less than amused when I try to take initiative and get him to play with me…..

But that’s a topic for another day.

Anyway, going back to this new thing…. The human put it on the floor right away, and seemed to be encouraging me to check it out. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, so I approached with caution at first. It didn’t smell like another guinea pig, and it wasn’t moving at all, so I figured it must be something else.

At closer inspection, it appeared to even have eyes and ears, just like Ceico and I have! It had all the same colors as me, and even the same little white marking on its head, just like me!


What was this thing???

What is this thing? It doesn’t run around like other guinea pigs!

Once I got close enough, I started the sniff test. I hate strong smells, and I make sure the human knows that by sticking my nose high in the air and shaking my head back and forth whenever I smell something I don’t like.

This object had a less intense scent that wasn’t really overwhelming in any way. Still, I could smell something subtly sweet on it, and kept sniffing for a minute, trying to figure out exactly what it was. It smelt good in a way, but it was also distinctly different than my usual favorite scents (ie. lettuce and carrots.)

After the sniffing, there was one more obvious thing to try. All my favorite toys so far have involved either eating or sleeping, so I chose to test out my favorite option….

Eating, of course! (There was no way I was sleeping right after I got a new toy!)

Anyway, I quickly realized this thing doesn’t have the right texture to eat. The hairs don’t taste particularly good, and they tickle your mouth when you try to chew. The human definitely didn’t want me eating it either (which of course, never stops me,) but I have to admit that she was right on this one.

I may be biased…. but this little guy is kind of handsome.
“Mine! It’s all mine!”

My next inspection consisted of everything else I could think of! I tried running around this thing, jumping over it, sniffing it some more, pushing it around…. It still hadn’t moved since I first saw it, so I figured it was pretty safe to let my guard down.

After awhile, I eventually came to the conclusion that this thing was a little boring…. after all, I still can’t eat it or sleep on it! But it did smell kinda good, and it was pretty fun to inspect this interesting new guinea pig thing.

Plus, I may be (just a little bit!) biased, but the little guy is awfully good looking too. 😉 I think I might just keep him around to play a bit more.

By the way, if you want to see my *very thorough* inspection process, check out the video my human put together below! It captures all of the most important steps I take when inspecting any new toy that the human brings home. 🙂

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!


P.S. For some reason, the human doesn’t leave my little friend unattended with me…. I have no idea why, of course. I mean, it’s not like I would take the opportunity to try to taste the little guy again or anything….

Painting is FUN!

Lately my buddy Ceico has been learning to paint a picture using something the human likes to call, “the paintbrush.”

The paintbrush is this stick shaped thing, with a funny looking feathery part poking out of one end. It kind of looks like a long skinny carrot, although it isn’t orange like a carrot (and trust me, it doesn’t taste like one either!)

Anyway, Ceico has been learning this new trick for a couple weeks now, but the silly human didn’t let me try it out! I can paint too, just like Ceico can!

Plus, the human knows I like to put my own spin on tricks, and there is just so much I can do with this trick! I started to think maybe there was a reason why she doesn’t want to teach me this trick, although I can’t imagine what it may be…..

*Above* A couple of Ceico’s finished masterpieces.

Anyway, the human gave in eventually and finally introduced me to the skinny carrot. As I mentioned previously, “the paintbrush” thing tasted nothing like carrots! How disappointing.

However, there was still a lot of stuff I could do with this trick. Of course the next obvious thing to try was the feathery bristles on the end! I learned quickly that the human definitely didn’t want me to chew on the feathery end.

I, of course, thought she was wrong. Those feathers look edible for sure! But it turned out that the feathers aren’t actually made of hay, and they’re pretty boring and tasteless. So okay, I guess the human was right this time; eating this new toy was out of the question.

So I resorted to picking up the paintbrush. That seemed to work, since the human offered food every time I picked it up.

So…. it was time to have a little fun. I tried picking up the paintbrush again, and put some extra energy into it, throwing the brush as far as I could. No treat. Huh. Not being one to give up so easily, I kept trying of course, thinking the human would change her mind (because throwing the paintbrush is kind of fun!)

My new toy, aka “The Paintbrush.”

We ended up kind of meeting in the middle. I learned that I could pick up the brush with my usual enthusiasm, but the feathery part at the end had to touch the white paper that was sitting beside me.

I still threw in an extra toss here and there to see if the human was paying attention, but she seemed pretty adamant that the brush was not supposed to be thrown across the room.

We practiced picking up the paintbrush and throwing it at the paper for a few days (pretty boring, I know!) Until one day the human decided to try something different (finally!)

This time, she seemed slightly hesitant to give me the paintbrush for some reason, but as soon as she did, I made sure to inspect the new changes thoroughly. The feathery part on the end was blue instead of its usual beige color. I got a little closer for a quick sniff, and it definitely smelled different too! Not like food exactly, but it sure was interesting!

Anyway, the human seemed to want me to keep touching the paper like we had been practicing, so I humored her a couple of times. She seemed surprisingly happy (and sort of relieved?) that I was doing the same thing we had practiced.

Then she dipped the feathers into something, and the interesting smell became even stronger! As soon as she set the brush down on the floor, I knew I only had one chance.

Snatching the brush, I turned and ran as fast as I could, looking for a place where I could inspect this new smell in privacy. The paintbrush was a lot bigger than I expected though. It didn’t quite fit through all the spaces I could, so I might have dropped it and hit it against a few more things than I intended to. After a few tries, I finally managed to get it under the table into my secret den.

The human’s eyes grew wide as she exclaimed, “No, Acey!” Seeing as the damage was already done, she surveyed the room, not looking surprised, but not too thrilled, either. Then, sighing, she retrieved my brush from under the table and ruffled my fur, saying something about “needing to cover the whole room in paper for me.”

Not going to lie, that sounds like even more fun!

My painting so far! I think the human still wants to try and finish it (after the room is covered in paper, of course!)

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!


P.S. Stay tuned for an update when I finally finish my painting, to see how the rest of my painting experience turns out. 🙂

Awesome, Amazing Guinea Pig Tricks!

Hey guys! Ace here, welcome to my piggy blog!

Out of curiosity, can you guess how many tricks I know? I’ve been learning all kinds of things over the last two years, and still learning more every day! To be honest though, I don’t really keep count of all my tricks (I don’t even think the human does either anymore) but trust me, I know a ton of tricks! I love to play basketball, chase my human around, spin circles, and so much more!

I can jump and play fetch too, but I don’t know if I would rate those among my favorites (there’s way too much running involved in between the treats.) Sometimes, it almost seems like the human wants me to do some of these tricks just for exercise or something….. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, those tricks are cool I guess, but my favorite tricks of all are the ones with a little more creativity. The human’s tricks can get kind of boring after awhile, so sometimes I have to give her a little hint or two.

See, humans can be good at playing dumb sometimes. When she sees me stealing stuff or running in circles with my ball, she thinks I’m just being silly! So ridiculous, can’t she see that I have better trick ideas than she does? The silly human doesn’t even give me treats for all the amazing tricks I make up all on my own! Can you believe that? I can only imagine how boring all my videos would be if I didn’t take matters into my own paws sometimes.

Anyway, maybe you’ll see what I mean when you watch my newest trick video below. I’m sure you will be able to pick out my favorite and most amazing tricks!

I know some pretty amazing tricks, don’t I? Of course, I still think the tricks I invented are the best, but the human says my basketball and scent work tricks are really awesome too. Regardless, it was pretty fun learning all the tricks in the video (and all the lettuce was great too!)

After watching my new video, don’t forget to let me know what you think! What are your favorite guinea pig tricks from my video? Has your guinea pig taught you any cool tricks lately?

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!


Canada Day Guinea Pig Tricks and Fun!

Did you know July 1st, 2017, marks Canada’s official 150th birthday? I didn’t know what that meant right away, but the human seemed to think we should do something special for this year in particular. Being Canadian piggies, our human gets us to raise a mini Canadian flag a lot, but this year, she had something different in mind. She brought out a ton of jumps and obstacles of all kinds, all red and white!

In the mix was our Canadian flag (of course), red skateboard, red basketball net, red and white jumps…. the whole deal. She also brought a ton of veggies!!!

Ceico and I had a blast with our veggie eating day (err….I mean Canada Day) and it turned out to be lots of fun. I raised a Canadian flag, ate veggies, rode my skateboard, ate veggies, beat Ceico at basketball, ate more veggies….. You get the idea, right? It was awesome! We got to show off all our best tricks, and be patriotic at the same time! (And eat lots of lettuce!)

Here are some sneak peak snapshots from our trick day.

Playing basketball with Ceico!
Ceico tidying up. I helped him finish the job.
Putting a ball into that tiny red bowl takes a lot of accuracy!
Being patriotic with my very own miniature flag.

If you want to see our Canada themed trick video, you can check it out below. My human put all our best tricks from the day into an organized video to wish all the Canadian piggies and humans out there a happy 150th Canada Day!

Hope you enjoyed our video and had just as much fun this Canada Day as we did!

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!


Slam Dunk! Guinea Pig Basketball

Did you know that us guinea pigs are actually pretty talented basketball players? I mean, I don’t want to brag (too much) but I am, for sure, the most amazing four inch tall (fuzzy and all) basketball player you’ve ever seen. If you don’t believe me, check out the two short videos below.

Running up for the Dunk

Dunking the ball is my favorite thing to do! Of course, the net may be a little shorter than the professional leagues, but don’t forget! I’m only 4 inches tall after all. Piggy basketball nets are built at the perfect height for my mini slam dunks. 

I also taught my buddy Ceico how to play the game. Turns out he’s a pretty talented basketball player too! (but not as talented as me, of course!)

Two Guinea Pigs Playing Basketball

Basketball is a pretty fun game, and of course the only thing cuter than one guinea pig playing basketball, is two guinea pigs playing basketball! One of these days, I’m going to take on Ceico in a 1 on 1 game to put our piggy basketball skills to the ultimate test!

Learning basketball was a bit of a process, but it was lots of fun! First, I had to learn to pick up the ball and put it in the human’s hand. This part is a bit annoying, because sometimes the human’s hand moves. Humans are such fidgety creatures.

After I was able to put the ball in that moving hand, we started practicing with a bowl. Every time I successfully put the ball into the bowl, the human would give me a treat and move the bowl a few inches away or to the side. Once I became pretty good at putting the ball into the bowl, we switched to a braided loop (basically a big basketball net!) and the human gradually held it a bit higher each time until I learned to lift up the ball and go for the dunk!

Finally, we started practicing with the real basketball net! (well, the 4 inch tall one.) The basketball net was a bit harder because it’s barely bigger than the ball itself. I had to be very accurate in order to shoot on the net. It took some practice, but now Ceico and I can both dunk accurately 99% of the time! (OK, fine, at least 89% of the time.)

If you humans out there want your guinea pigs to hone their inner basketball talent, check out the video below or the basketball trick tutorial page for more training tips. Give it a try with your piggies at home. They might just love it as much as Ceico and I, and it sure is a ton of fun once you progress all the way to dunking on a basketball net!

How to Teach Your Guinea Pig to Play Basketball

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!


Weave Walking is Tons of Fun!

One of my all time favourite tricks is where I get to run around with my human. I love to be under the human’s feet as much as possible when I see her walking around. When she has food, I discovered that chasing her around and trying to climb up her leg is by far the best way to get it!

Usually the human doesn’t appreciate “tripping” on me all the time (although secretly I know she likes when I follow her around.) Personally, I find it funny to watch her shuffle across the room to avoid stepping on me. I like to sneak up behind her sometimes too. I can make her stop really really fast when I run in front and cut her off! It’s one of my favourite past times, and a fun one when you’re getting bored of your human!

One of the best tricks the human has ever come up with is where I get to cut her off and be rewarded for it! Well, to be honest, that’s not exactly the point of the trick, but I make sure to sneak it in here and there. 😉

Weave walking is where the guinea pig (that’s me!) has to go between the human’s feet every time they take a step. I usually weave walk all across the room and back, which is about 4-5 steps each way.

Isn’t it a cool trick?

When I first started training the human to do this trick, she didn’t quite get it. She was supposed to give me the treat just for begging nicely and being cute! But since she didn’t understand, I went along with her plan and we just learned this weave walking thing together.

One thing I did train her to do though, was walk faster! Humans are so slow and clumsy. I don’t think she knew how fast I could weave, so I decided to just take matters into my own paws and speed things up myself to show her how it’s done. 😉

It ended up being a lot of fun overall, although I still think it would be better to run in front of the human’s feet instead of through. But even after all my efforts to get my thoughts on the matter across to her, she’s still adamant that I’m not supposed to cut in front. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for catching her off guard once in a while when she’s not expecting it.

If you want to teach your human to weave walk just like I did, all you have to do is follow what I did in the video below or find tips on the weave walk trick tutorial page.

Keep in mind that this trick isn’t always as easy as it looks though. The human says I’m a bit of an odd ball (a cute fuzzy odd ball she says!) so not all piggies would be as eager to be near a human’s moving feet as me. I mean, I understand how they feel; humans look awfully huge from down here! If the human is patient and takes slow steps for awhile, I think that would make most guinea pigs more comfortable and maybe they would enjoy this trick too!

As fun as it was, all that running made me hungry (okay, well, I’m always hungry.)

But anyway, maybe all you piggies out there can have some fun weave walking with your humans too.

P.S. If they play dumb like my human sometimes does, just remember this one thing; it can take awhile for humans to learn new tricks, so be patient with them! All humans will eventually catch on with consistent training.

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!