Paws up is a fun and easy trick to teach to any guinea pig. This trick is a great confidence builder for guinea pigs that are new to training. It’s also a great trick to build trust and teach guinea pigs to find their balance. If your guinea pig is having difficulty learning to stand up on two legs, then paws up is a great starting point to teach them to trust their balance and lift their feet off the ground.

How to Teach a Guinea Pig: Paws Up (Video Tutorial)

For this trick, you will need….

  • Your guinea pig
  • Your piggy’s favorite veggie treats
  • A safe enclosed space with few distractions
  • Several objects or containers of various heights and sizes.

Step 1

Start with a low, wide object that is easy for the guinea pig to step up on. You can also use your arm or hand placed flat on the floor. Lure the guinea pig onto the object with a treat. Practice several times until the guinea pig can confidently go to the object and put their paws up with less reliance on the food lure.

Step 2

Repeat the previous step with a new, similar sized object.

Step 3

Practice with different items, gradually moving on to higher and more challenging objects as the guinea pig gains confidence.

Step 4

Find some smaller, more challenging objects to step up on. Holding the object steady with one hand, lure the guinea pig onto the object with your other hand. If the guinea pig is initially hesitant to put both paws up at the same time, reward for just one paw at first until they get the hang of it.

Step 5

For more of a challenge, you can practice the paws up trick with narrower objects at a higher height. You can use your hand, or something even thinner like a toy baton for more of a challenge.

Start low and gradually increase the height as the guinea pig becomes more comfortable with it.

Additional Tips For Teaching This Trick

  • You can also teach your guinea pig to put their paws up on your arm or hand instead of an object. Gradually hold your hand higher as the guinea pig becomes more comfortable stepping up onto your hand.
  • If the guinea pig consistently tries to run around the object instead of putting their paws up, try placing the object beside a wall at first to avoid confusion about what you’re asking them to do.