Weave Walking is Tons of Fun!

One of my all time favourite tricks is where I get to run around with my human. I love to be under the human’s feet as much as possible when I see her walking around. When she has food, I discovered that chasing her around and trying to climb up her leg is by far the best way to get it!

Usually the human doesn’t appreciate “tripping” on me all the time (although secretly I know she likes when I follow her around.) Personally, I find it funny to watch her shuffle across the room to avoid stepping on me. I like to sneak up behind her sometimes too. I can make her stop really really fast when I run in front and cut her off! It’s one of my favourite past times, and a fun one when you’re getting bored of your human!

One of the best tricks the human has ever come up with is where I get to cut her off and be rewarded for it! Well, to be honest, that’s not exactly the point of the trick, but I make sure to sneak it in here and there. 😉

Weave walking is where the guinea pig (that’s me!) has to go between the human’s feet every time they take a step. I usually weave walk all across the room and back, which is about 4-5 steps each way.

Isn’t it a cool trick?

When I first started training the human to do this trick, she didn’t quite get it. She was supposed to give me the treat just for begging nicely and being cute! But since she didn’t understand, I went along with her plan and we just learned this weave walking thing together.

One thing I did train her to do though, was walk faster! Humans are so slow and clumsy. I don’t think she knew how fast I could weave, so I decided to just take matters into my own paws and speed things up myself to show her how it’s done. 😉

It ended up being a lot of fun overall, although I still think it would be better to run in front of the human’s feet instead of through. But even after all my efforts to get my thoughts on the matter across to her, she’s still adamant that I’m not supposed to cut in front. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for catching her off guard once in a while when she’s not expecting it.

If you want to teach your human to weave walk just like I did, all you have to do is follow what I did in the video below or find tips on the weave walk trick tutorial page.

Keep in mind that this trick isn’t always as easy as it looks though. The human says I’m a bit of an odd ball (a cute fuzzy odd ball she says!) so not all piggies would be as eager to be near a human’s moving feet as me. I mean, I understand how they feel; humans look awfully huge from down here! If the human is patient and takes slow steps for awhile, I think that would make most guinea pigs more comfortable and maybe they would enjoy this trick too!

As fun as it was, all that running made me hungry (okay, well, I’m always hungry.)

But anyway, maybe all you piggies out there can have some fun weave walking with your humans too.

P.S. If they play dumb like my human sometimes does, just remember this one thing; it can take awhile for humans to learn new tricks, so be patient with them! All humans will eventually catch on with consistent training.

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!


Some Tricks Can be Hard….

My human told me one day, that fear means there’s something awesome on the other side. I, of course, would have set her straight right from the beginning if I could talk! After all, guinea pigs know best! If there’s fear, it probably means there’s a giant bird about to swoop down on you! But it’s clear humans have a funny interpretation of fear, so I just went along with it this time.

So, I’m pretty proud to say, I don’t get scared easily. Ceico may run for the hills at every little insignificant noise, but I like to be brave and watch out for my human. (Plus, Ceico doesn’t know this, but sometimes those noises involve food, and I like to get a head start!)

Now after hearing that, you may be a bit surprised at the next part of this story. As you might already know, breezing through new tricks like I already know them is kind of what I do! So it was a little odd when I hit a brick wall with a new (and otherwise quite ordinary) trick. My human was even more surprised, pondering why I was acting so odd with a new trick.

I guess describing this trick as “ordinary” wasn’t totally accurate, so I’ll fill in some background on it. This trick was going to be my very last trick to learn and include in my video submission to become a Champion trick guinea pig! Oddly enough, it was also the very last trick that my human’s previous guinea pig, Spartan, learned just before he passed away. My human always speaks very highly of Spartan, and says he learned this trick within just one short training session! I guess he one-upped me on this trick! There’s a video of Spartan below if you want to see my human’s first trick piggy (before I was even born, can you imagine!)

So what trick am I referring to exactly?

Well, the trick in question involved flipping up this colourful triangular shaped hoop thing and going through it. Sounds simple enough, right? But for whatever reason, it felt odd to me when I put my paws up and it started to tip towards me. So what did I do?

I jumped off immediately and bolted. I know, I know, what a chicken. My human couldn’t believe my reaction and immediately tried to reassure me that the hoop was perfectly safe.

I didn’t believe her at first though. Like I said, humans have an awfully funny interpretation of fear and I wasn’t taking any risks this time. She then brought Ceico in and showed me that even Ceico could do the silly trick without getting scared. But that was Ceico’s decision to be eaten by that funny looking cardboard monster, and as far as I was concerned, Ceico must have a funny interpretation of fear too!

Look at this big freaky thing – it really does resemble a monster, doesn’t it!?
There are so many tricks that are more fun than this silly rainbow hoop trick…. like skateboarding, for example.

I made it perfectly clear that just because Ceico was willing to run the risk of being eaten, didn’t mean I was going to! I was holding my ground on this one! No way was I going near that thing!

And I didn’t go near that thing ever again! Okay, fine, well, until the food came out again. Of course, my human knows I have no impulse control whatsoever when it comes to food (I know, I’m ashamed….. well to be honest….. not really) so with the help of my favourite foods, she encouraged me to get close to the scary thing and check it out once more. She kept feeding me, so I didn’t really get the chance to run away again. (I mean, how can you run away when you are constantly offered more food???)

Plus, if even Ceico can do it, it can’t be that bad….

Before I knew it, I had my paws up on that thing and wanted to run away, but the food…. wasn’t moving anywhere, so I unfortunately had to stay. Once the food was gone, I found myself waiting patiently with my paws up on the hoop. I mean, it hadn’t eaten me yet, so why would it do something now, right? The human took the hoop away and told me we would work on it again later.

Next time I saw the hoop, I put my paws up more readily. After all, it didn’t move last time, so I assumed everything would be okay now, and keeping my paws on that thing would be a super easy way to get food. But this time, after staying still for the first minute or so, the hoop started to tip ever so slowly towards me again! I looked at the human, wondering if she believed me now. See? It did try to eat me! She must have seen it, because her hand was even holding the hoop at the same time it tipped back ever so slightly. She didn’t seem concerned about her unpredictable tipping hoop, and instead offered me even more food and praised me for not totally losing it over the tipping hoop.

So…. do you think I earned my champion trick title after all?
Spartan was a pretty amazing trick piggy – He learned some tricks even faster than me!

Eventually I noticed a pattern start to emerge; every time the hoop tipped ever so slightly (but never all the way) the human would say “Good boy Acey!” in a happy voice and give me lots of food. I couldn’t help but start to look forward to when the hoop tipped backwards.

Next time we practiced with the hoop thing, it started tipping even further back! This darn thing really has a mind of its own. But I did notice one not so subtle thing; the further the hoop tipped back, the more food I got!

To be honest, maybe this whole thing wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. All these scary things result in lots of food!

Eventually I became more relaxed and even leaned back a little. When I did that, the hoop moved again! The human dished out a ton of food when that happened. I tried leaning back again, a little more intentionally this time, and the hoop moved ever so slightly again. And again, the human gave more food. This quickly became a game, where I tried to move the hoop and get more food as quickly as I possibly could.

 This was getting kind of fun after all!

This game was getting quite predictable at this point, and not nearly as scary as before. Then, one time I accidentally leaned too far back, and the hoop tipped all the way over! My paws clumsily slipped off the hoop as it tipped, and I couldn’t help but feel kind of shocked that the hoop fell over like that!

I didn’t really have time to comprehend what I thought of the hoop rudely tipping over, because the human sounded so excited and happy at that moment, and gave me lots of food. I couldn’t help but purr like a motorboat and dig in!

After that, I started to experiment with how I got the hoop to tip over. The human still gave me food when I tipped it back a little bit, but the real jackpot came when I managed to tip it all the way over.

I started to really get the hang of it after awhile, and was soon proudly tipping it over every single time!

Paws up on the *previously scary* monster thing. Yep…. pretty proud of myself.
Turns out scary things can sometimes turn into a pretty fun trick!

Shortly after that, I learned that I had to go through the hoop after I tipped it over. We also added some distance to the trick, where I had to run over to the hoop, flip it up, go through it, and run back to the human for my treats. It turned out to be a pretty awesome trick!

If you want to watch some of my progress, and the awesome results of the finished trick, check out the video below!

This trick actually turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I guess difficult tricks really are worth working through sometimes, and the end result can be pretty cool!

Thanks for reading my latest trick training adventure, and good luck slaying your own unicorns, no matter what they may be.


Note from Ace’s human: I’m so proud of Ace’s progress with this trick. Despite being hesitant about a totally unexpected new trick, he conquered this trick to the very end and by watching the finished product, you would never have guessed how difficult it was for him at the start.

From Simple to Silly…. Just Add Ace

So of course I know how to put a ball into a cup. Actually, I know it all too well. And you know, sometimes it gets a little boring doing a trick that I already know. So since my human lacks the creativity, sometimes I need to take matters into my own paws and spruce up the tricks all on my own! Putting a ball in a cup was a prime opportunity for that! I mean, I can play basketball and put the ball in a net! Why should I be downgraded to putting it in a cup on the floor? Basketball is way more fun (and so much cooler) than that!

Plus, the human needs to lighten up and learn to have some fun once in a while. I don’t always have time during training sessions to be my usual silly self (there’s only a few minutes to eat as much as I can!) so I usually reserve goofiness for times when there’s no food involved. But sometimes it’s pretty hard to resist the opportunity when I have the human’s full undivided attention (they’re pretty easily distracted creatures you know!)

Basketball is way more fun than just putting a ball in a cup.
Now THIS…. This is fun.

Anyway, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah. The human doesn’t seem to mind too much when I act silly during training time, although she never feeds me for it. She usually just laughs at me and tells me what a silly pig I am. Sometimes I’m a goofball too, or even a silly fuzzball! I’m not sure what any of that means, but she always seems happy when she says it (not happy enough to feed me though!)

On another note, can you believe the video above is only 38 seconds?! So disappointing, I swear I had enough footage for at least 3 minutes! The human shouldn’t have edited so much. I mean, sure, I did the same thing a few times, but how creative do you expect me to be? All she gave me was a couple balls and a cup. It was as if she actually expected me to just put the balls in the cup without adding my own dramatic flair! Personally, I was pretty proud of myself, given what I had to work with.

I think that was enough silliness for one video though. I think I might even stick to being silly outside of training time from now on (well, until tomorrow anyway.) I mean, it was fun, but a little too much work for my taste if there’s no food involved!

Anyway, thanks for reading my latest adventure!


Note from Ace’s human:

Only Ace can turn something from simple to silly in the blink of an eye. He’s a true clown in every sense and loves to add his own flair to everything. ♥

The First Ever Champion Trick Guinea Pig!

Hey guys! So my human and I have been working on all kinds of tricks over the last several months. Everything you can imagine – from doing tricks at a distance and weaving cones, to closing doors and playing fetch! I always look forward to playing fetch with my favorite ball (the human always dishes out extra food for that trick) although it’s kind of annoying when she rolls it ALL the way across the room. I mean, come on, I am a guinea pig after all! Running all the way across the room for any reason isn’t exactly on the top of my list of fun things to do.

I can also push a shopping cart, raise a flag, and play basketball, among many other tricks! I even do scent work, where I find one particular scent in a group of ten different smelling objects. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the scent I’ve learned to find – I think it stinks to high heaven! At least I get a treat when I track down the funny smelling thing.

Anyway, my human recently got all excited and told me I was officially a champion trick guinea pig! I mean, I already knew I was great, so I don’t know why she seemed to make a big deal out of it. But not wanting to miss out on a prime opportunity, I, of course, took the chance to act cute and beg for more treats (it works every time!)

She also took pictures of me with this giant ribbon thing and another shiny circle thing (the shiny circle thing tasted good by the way!) She didn’t seem to want me to chew the ribbon thing (which is a sure sign that it must taste good!) so it was harder to test that one (although I still managed to get a nibble or two when she wasn’t looking!)

Is that all mine?

My human recorded all of my champion tricks and made them into a video to show me. The video was a bit on the long side for me though. I only watched about 5 minutes of it (or was it 5 seconds?) before I started to get bored. I mean, I had a lot of eating to catch up on! Plus, I already know how smart I am!

But if you want to watch it, my human attached the video at the top of this post. Maybe you won’t have to eat as much as me and can watch the whole thing!

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!

~ Ace

Note from Ace’s human:

Ace was certified as a Champion Trick Dog (TDCH) by DoMoreWithYourDog.com. He previously earned his novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert titles before being qualified to submit a champion title. His video submission (above) was approved on January 31, 2017 and he was added to the list of official champion trick dogs/animals here. Guinea pigs can do dog tricks too! Go Acey! 🙂